Launch of our new project with Newcastle United!

28th February 2024
What an exciting morning here at Lemington Riverside where we have been visited by Newcastle United and England Footballers Leo Shahar and Trevan Sanusi for a very special assembly!
Leo and Tre have launched a brand new project between Lemington Riverside, Newcastle United Football Club and the other schools in the West End Schools' Trust (WEST).
They talked to the children about all of the skills they have used to work their way up to where they are now and the importance of attending school every day and working hard.
They also told us about the values of Newcastle United Football Club and how they link with what we do at school every day. The values are collaboration (working together), be disciplined (do the right thing), be passionate and be hard working.
And here's the most exciting bit - Leo and Tre have set the first of a number of challenges for our children around value number 1, collaborate (working together). Children can earn points for showing that they are working well with others through our in-school reward system. At the end of this half term, the 30 children in school with the most 'collaborate' points will win a tour of St. James Park!
There will be further challenges to come later this year, with more amazing prizes including:
- NUFC goodie bags.
- NUFC match tickets.
- The opportunity to meet the NUFC directors.
- NUFC signed footballs.
- The chance to watch a match in a box at St. James Park.
Attendance across school is brilliant 98% today. We hope that our new partnership with NUFC and these incredible incentives will continue to promote amazing attitudes & attendance at Lemington Riverside!