Rewards @ Lemington Riverside

We are very excited to introduce our Riverside Rewards’ system for all children! We have always rewarded children with house points for great work, effort and attitude, but from January 2020 those house points can be saved and then spent on a range of exciting prizes!

At Lemington Riverside, we firmly believe that children who work hard and always do the right thing should be rewarded. This system will reward our children who always work hard, do the right thing and show the right attitude.

Children can earn house points for a whole range of reasons, including:

-          Being in class in good time in a morning at 8:50am. (1 house point every day)

-          Wearing the correct school uniform (blue jumper/cardigan, white/blue polo shirt, school trousers/skirt, and school shoes/black trainers). (1 house point every day)

-          Having the correct PE kit in school on PE days (plain white t-shirt, blue or black short/joggers, trainers/plimsolls) (5 house points at the start of every PE lesson).

-          Reading their reading book at home and getting their reading record signed by an adult (1 house point every time the record is signed).

-          On our behaviour traffic lights, stay on green all day (earn 1 house point), end the day on gold (earn 5 house points).

Children can also earn house points for showing great manners, being a great friend, putting above and beyond effort into their work, creating outstanding pieces of work, etc.

What can my child spend their house points on?

Every Friday afternoon our Head Boy and Head Girl will visit each classroom where children can spend any house points earned. There will be prize boxes for 10, 20, 30, 50, 100 and 150 house points (very much like the system you see where you can earn prizes in an amusement arcade!). For those children who like to save and earn bigger prizes, for 500 house points children can redeem their points for a £20 Metro Centre Voucher and for 3000 house points for an iPad Mini!

House points will roll over school years if children wish to save for a bigger prize!