The Bridge

We are very passionate about our school being an inclusive place to learn for every child in our community.
Over recent years we have welcomed an increasing number of children to our school with complex additional needs. This has brought many exciting challenges as we have continued to develop our provision within school; but with an increased amount of additional needs comes with it the need to widen our provision.
That is why we developed 'The Bridge' - to ensure the needs of EVERY child at Lemington Riverside are met to the highest possible standard.
'The Bridge' is led by an experienced teacher (Miss Jeffcock) in conjunction with our SENDCo Mrs. Annal. A team of experienced and highly skilled teaching assistants also support 'The Bridge'. 
'The Bridge' comprises of a specialist classroom learning space, with superb resources and a high quality sensory room as well as access to our outdoor learning garden.
Also running from 'The Bridge' is 'Thrive' - our social, emotional and mental health support provision for all children at Lemington Riverside led by Mrs. Wakenshaw.
Children who access 'The Bridge' specialist provision have a personalised timetable developed to meet their own individual needs. As well as accessing this specialist provision within 'The Bridge' at timetabled sessions during the week, children are supported by 'The Bridge' team to access lessons, activities and social times with their peers in our mainstream school classes. 
All children who access 'The Bridge' have their progress reviewed on an ongoing basis by 'The Bridge' team in conjunction with the wide range of external professionals who we work alongside already. Where we identify that children's progress has stalled, we will amend their provision upon external advice. If, after a review period, it is felt that we are not able to fully meet a child's needs through our specialist provision at Lemington Riverside, we will work closely with the child's family and specialist professionals to ensure that child accesses a provision that fully meets their needs. 
We are very excited about 'The Bridge' - we are so passionate about ensuring that our school is inclusive and 'The Bridge' will ensure that our team are meeting the needs of every child at Lemington Riverside.