Lemington Pounds

At Lemington Riverside we award Lemington Pounds to children who demonstrate our core values.

Lemington Pounds can be saved and then spent on a range of exciting prizes from our Riverside Boutique, open every Friday.

At Lemington Riverside, we firmly believe that children who work hard and always do the right thing should be rewarded. This system will reward our children who always work hard, do the right thing and show the right attitude.

Children can earn Lemington Pounds for a whole host of reasons including for showing great manners, being a great friend, putting above and beyond effort into their work, creating outstanding pieces of work, etc.

Mr. Heeley does regular 'spot checks' of home reading records - if your child has read with an adult the previous evening, got their book in school and got their reading record signed, they can earn an 'on the spot' 50 Lemington Pounds!

What can my child spend their house points on?

Every Friday the Riverside Boutique is open and children have the opportunity to spend their hard earned Lemington Pounds. There are a range of prizes available for 20, 30, 50, 100, 150 and 300 Lemington Pounds. For those wishing to save for bigger prizes, why not save 2000 Lemington Pounds for a Dominos Pizza lunch for you and two friends, or 4000 Lemington Pounds to buy an Amazon Fire Tablet!