The Bridge

What is ‘The Bridge’ and how will it support my child?


“A bridge between the main-stream classroom and alternative provision that will support children to overcome barriers and thrive at Lemington Riverside Primary School.”


-          ‘The Bridge’ is a specially designed provision within Lemington Riverside Primary School to support children with a variety of social, emotional and mental health (SEMH) needs. ‘The Bridge’ is a provision unique to Lemington Riverside Primary School. We are passionate about meeting the needs of all of our children. We want to address our children’s difficulties or vulnerabilities before they develop into more problematic or disruptive behaviours. Our aim is to eradicate all exclusions at our school and meet the individual needs of every child.


-          It is led by Mrs. Wakenshaw, an experienced Thrive-trained practitioner. The Head Teacher Mr. Heeley and SENDCO Mrs. Annal work closely with 'The Bridge' team.


-          The provision is designed to support children who are struggling to access learning in a main-stream classroom – this could be for a variety of reasons.


-          No child will ever be placed in ‘The Bridge’ permanently – the aim is to support them return to the main-stream classroom as soon as possible. For some children, this will be a bridge between our school and an alternative setting that will be able to better meet their needs.


-          Every child who attends ‘The Bridge’ will have a personalised timetable based on their individual and current needs. This will be discussed with parents/carers so that they fully understand when and why their child is accessing ‘The Bridge.


-          Accessing ‘The Bridge’ is not a punishment. It is a supportive, positive space that aims to address children’s emotional or behavioural difficulties so that we can better understand how to best meet their needs.