Shadow experiment

On Wednesday 2nd November we did an investigation in the school yard for our Science topic. We wanted to observe the shadow from an object during the day. At 9:30am we placed a rounders post in a specific part of the KS2 yard where we knew the sun would reach throughout the day. We measured the length of the shadow that the rounders post made and used chalk to draw a line where the shadow was. In addition to this,  we used a compass to measure the position of the sun. Every hour of the day we went outside and repeated this. Unfortunately at 11:30am the sun was blocked by clouds so there was no shadow. At 1:30pm we had the shortest shadow. This was because the sun was at its highest point in the sky for our investigation. We had great fun doing this investigation and watching the shadow change position on the yard. It was great proof of how fast the Earth is rotating on its axis!