Welcome to the home of our Lemington Riverside School and Eco Councils. At Lemington Riverside we are keen to promote the voices of our children encourage our children to lead projects that impact on our wider school and community. 
On this section of our website you can find out all about the work of the school and eco councils. 
Early Years Reps: Brooke Crombie & Eve Porter
Year 1: Ava-Rose Oetting & Terry Fairley
Year 2: Aayva Maghie & Logan Soulsby-Martin
Year 3/4: Gabriella Briggs-Watson & Ronnie Lee
Year 4/5: Isobel James & Sophie Storey
Year 6: Lilli-Mae Potts & Frankie Walker
Early Years Reps: Megan Oetting & Kai Thirtle
Year 1: Jack Anderson & Scarlett Fowler
Year 2: Riley Dowson & Amelia O'Neill
Year 3/4: Harrison Fairley & Dylan Shipley
Year 4/5: Jayden Magnone & Brooke Shaw
Year 6: Ellie-Mae Connor & Josh Gibson