Ofsted Report: 2022

Lemington Riverside Primary was visited by Ofsted in April 2022. The school was graded 'Good'. Click on the document above to read the full report as well as the covering letter from our Headteacher Mr. Heeley. Our report can also be viewed on the Ofsted website by clicking here. 
Some highlighted quotes from our report are as follows:
  • “Pupils say they are happy, feel safe and love learning. They know that adults expect them to work hard and they do. One pupil said, ‘School is like a big family.’”
  • “They (pupils) say that all pupils behave well due to the high expectations set by leaders. They state that leaders are fair and consistent with rewards and consequences. Pupils cannot remember a time when bullying occurred. They recognise what constitutes bullying and trust adults to deal with any potential incidents swiftly.”
  • “The senior leaders are determined to provide a high-quality education for all pupils regardless of their needs or abilities. They have designed a creative and ambitious curriculum based on educational research. It is well sequenced across all curriculum subjects.”
  • “This is an inclusive school. Leaders have ensured that the curriculum is accessible to all pupils. This includes pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND). Teachers make sure that learning is adapted to meet pupils’ needs. Pupils can access specific resources or additional support from adults. The special educational needs coordinator (SENCo) ensures that all adults take responsibility for pupils with SEND. As a result, these pupils achieve well.”
  • “Mathematics is a strength of the school. Pupils use the knowledge learned in previous years to help them to tackle new learning.”
  • “Pupils are enthusiastic readers. They love to read for pleasure in the school’s fiction and non-fiction libraries. In Reception, children make a rapid start to learning to read. Pupils have opportunities to practise their reading skills every day. Adults match reading books to the sounds pupils know. This helps all pupils to read with confidence. Staff track how well pupils learn to read. Adults provide extra phonics or reading sessions to help pupils catch up if they fall behind.”
  • “A strong culture of safeguarding permeates the school. Leaders and staff know children well and act in their best interests. The welfare officer works closely with families to provide timely and effective help and support. Leaders have provided high-quality training in safeguarding. They check that all adults are aware of signs of risk or concern.”
  • “Pupils are aware of the risks they might face, including when they are online. Pupils learn about healthy and unhealthy relationships. They say that they feel safe.”
  • “Leaders are vigilant in providing support to pupils who are vulnerable. This means the children and the families get the right help at the right time.”