Lemington Heroes - 19th March 2021

19th March 2021
19th March 2021
The children nominated by LRPS staff as Lemington Heroes this week were:
Mr. H nominated Amelia W (Y2) and James C (Y6).
Nursery nominations were Kai B and Lilly-May L.
Reception nominations were Maisie D, Hope M, Milly K and Lee W.
Year 1 nominations were Austin S and Leila G.
Year 2 nominations were Gracie-Jo F and Raiyan H.
Year 3 nominations were Jack H and Aayva M.
Year 4 nominations were Charlie R and Emily F.
Year 5 nominations were Jasmine M and Kevin A.
Year 6 nominations were David L and Kieran T (Y4).
Mrs. Wakenshaw nominated Ollie F (Nursery) and Millie R (Y1).
Miss Ribaudo nominated Jack A (Y2).
Our attendance champions this week were Mrs. Corr's Nursery Class with 98%!
Have a great weekend!