Lemington Heroes - 15th January 2021

15th January 2021
LEMINGTON HEROES! Week ending 15th January 2021
Congratulations to the following children who were nominated as a 'Lemington Hero' in our Zoom assembly today:
MR. HEELEY nominated James P (Y6), Paige A (Y5), Charlie R (Y4), Aayva M (Y3), Amelia W (Y2), Harper R (Y1) and Logan R (R).
NURSERY: Mrs. Corr nominated Poppy D, Lukas T and Daisy O'N.
RECEPTION: Miss Jeffcock nominated Lee W, Rihanna W (Y3) and Jaylin M (Y5).
YEAR 1: Miss Harland nominated Ava M and Willow S-M.
YEAR 2: Ms Turner nominated Raiyan H and Jack A.
YEAR 3: Mrs. Jamieson nominated Aayva M and Logan S-M.
YEAR 4: Mr. Sayers nominated Kaitlyn K and Charlie R.
YEAR 5: Miss Brush nominated Paige A and Fathima R.
YEAR 6: Mr. Murphy nominated Eve P and James P.
Mrs. Wakenshaw nominated Rihanna W (Y3) and Thomas Mc (Y3).
Miss Simpson nominated Amber H (R) and Logan R (R).
Ava M (Y1), Crystal D (Y6), Eva B (R), Heidi-Amelia W (Y2) Isla-Lily T (Y1), Jack A (Y2), Jane D (Y4), Milly K (R), Mya K (Y6), Poppy D (N)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the following people who have a birthday in the next week: Zaima M, John-Craig P, Fathima R, Amelia O'N, Summer C, Ronnie L, Mrs. Corr and Mr. Murphy
WELL DONE to Mr. Sayers who won the LRPS Staff-Wellbeing Raffle!
OUR NEXT LEMINGTON HEROES ASSEMBLY takes place next Friday 22nd January at the EARLIER time of 11:30am on Zoom. We will post the link on our Facebook page next Friday.
Have a great weekend!