Our LRPS Houses

At Lemington Riverside all children are members of one of our three house teams.
Our houses are named after three of the famous bridges on the River Tyne:
- Millennium Bridge (Blue House)
- Swing Bridge (Red House)
- Tyne Bridge (Green House)
Children are rewarded house points by adults in school. House points can be earned for a variety of positive behaviours & attitudes including:
- Excellent effort.
- Outstanding work.
- Brilliant manners and politeness.
- Going above and beyond.
Every half term we total up the total house points and the children in the winning house receive a reward. We also have our 'Riverside Rewards' when children can save and then spend their house points on a range of prizes and experiences. Click here to find out more about 'Riverside Rewards'.
At our annual sports day, which takes place in the summer term every year, children compete in their house teams. The 2019 Sports Day Champion House were Millennium Bridge!