Headteacher Update: 13/01/2023

13th January 2023
Believe it or not this month marks 4 years since I started as Headteacher here at Lemington Riverside. It's been an incredible journey over those 4 years. Yesterday I had a walk around school and reflected just how far we've come together since 2019.

As I walked around school the children were happy, settled and working hard in their classrooms. The staff here care so much about your children and work so hard for them, it shines through. Our school building might be old, but we've invested in it, and it looks better than it has done in many years (and there are more plans to come - we never stop dreaming about the future!)

We've got a curriculum we're proud of, our children experience trips and visits as part of our 'Lemington Riverside Experience', the children enjoy learning and want to challenge themselves to be the best. Our school well and truly sits at the heart of our community and is a school for every child in Lemington.

Our links with you, our families, are strong - it should never be underestimated as to how important that is for us to succeed together to give your child the very best start in life. Every decision that is made at this school puts our children's interests first... always.

In 2023 we have many more exciting plans for our children and families here at Lemington Riverside and we're so pleased to have you all with us on our journey!

Enjoy your Friday!

Mr. H