Further Important Update for Parents/Carers (Friday 20th November)

20th November 2020
We have been informed this afternoon of a child in Year 3 testing positive for Covid-19.

As this bubble is already self-isolating no further action is needed UNLESS your child develops any of the Covid-19 symptoms:

- New, persistent cough.
- High temperature.
- Loss or change of taste or smell.

If your child does develop ANY of the above symptoms you must seek a test straight away & inform school at your earliest convenience by calling 0191 267 4315 or emailing admin@lemingtonriverside.newcastle.sch.uk

We will continue to provide you with full and timely updates & kindly request parents/carers not to share rumours on social media as it can create unnecessary worry in what is already a difficult situation for us all.

We wish the child and the member of staff who tested positive yesterday a very speedy recovery.

Thank you.