Free School Meal Voucher System

1st April 2020


** PLEASE NOTE - Due to a delay beyond our control, the vouchers will be delivered to families of children entitled to benefit-related free school meals on the morning of Monday 20th April 2020**

Dear Parents and Carers,

As you will be aware, we have been delivering packed lunches to those children entitled to free school meals over the past two weeks.

The Government have now introduced a supermarket voucher system that all British schools must use moving forwards. This means that our final day of delivering packed lunches will be this Friday 3rd April.

As with all school holiday periods, there will be no free school meal provision throughout the Easter Holidays (Saturday 4th – Sunday 19th April).

On MONDAY 20TH APRIL, if your child is entitled to benefit-related Free School Meals you will receive a letter delivered by Mr. Heeley/Mr. Murphy. In that letter will be a £15 supermarket voucher (you will receive one £15 voucher per week, for each child in your house who is entitled to benefit-related Free School Meals). The first voucher will be valid for one month from Monday 20th April.

You will be entitled to a new voucher every week. There will be instructions in the letter as to how and when you can collect subsequent vouchers detailed in the letter.

If you have any questions, give us a call in school on 0191 267 4315 between 9am and 3:15pm (2:30pm on Friday).

Take care,

Mr. Heeley (Head Teacher)