Eco Council Meeting 22/09/16

This was the first meeting of our new Eco Council, who have now chosen to be called Eco Warriors. As usual in our first meeting, we discussed our priorities for the year ahead.
  • They would like to wear lanyards to raise awareness of who they are, and also agreed with Mrs Hall that they and School Council will be allowed to sit separately in assemblies from now on so that everyone gets to know them faster.
  • Design a new logo for the council for our ID lanyards.
  • Sponsor an animal- vote as a school on which animal and then they will choose a charity to sponsor from.
  • Update our Eco Code with new ideas and rules.
  • Design germ posters to help everyone stay well and improve attendance.
  • A big promotion on rubbish! Get each class to design a bin to display around school. Have a rubbish day and assembly, find out if we need more outside bins.
  • Helping with jobs around school e.g. helping in the canteen, weeding school gardens.
  • Recycle batteries- find out who we can do this through.
  • Take part in the Pod campaigns especially What's Under our Feet and Switch off fortnight.
  • Housepoints idea shared from school council and agreed on. Mrs Hall will take idea to next staff meeting.
  • A copy of our Action plan will be available on the Eco noticeboard soon