Eco and School Councils at Lemington Riverside Primary School

Our councils are elected by their class members in July each year, ready to start in September.
Each council is made up of children from Y1-Y6. Each year group has 2 members on school council and 2 members on eco council, chosen by their classes. Early Years are represented by 2 members on each council from upper KS2, again chosen by their classes and they report to Early Years.
We meet every fortnight and the children set the agenda for the meetings, with additions from staff where necessary.
Children are encouraged to report back to their classes and get ideas and suggestions from them. Suggestions can also be put in the box outside the office.
We also love getting ideas from parents and families, so don't be shy! Let council members or Mrs Richardson know.
Look out for news on the website or on the noticeboards, outside the office and outside the cloakrooms.