Covid-19 update - 17th March 2021

17th March 2021
Just a quick update from school as we understand there have been some discussions around social media, etc. about Covid testing in school.
We continue to take the stance (which we are sure that you would agree with) that it is better to cautious than not.
There are NO confirmed Covid-19 cases in school. If there was a confirmed case in your child's bubble, we would inform you as soon as are informed (as we have always done).
If children develop Covid symptoms (a continuous cough, high temperature or loss/change of smell) we will always send children home immediately to get a test. Likewise, if your child or any member of your household bubble develops any of these symptoms at home, you should keep your child (and the rest of the family at home) and the person with the symptoms should seek a test.
If a child is feeling unwell, we would advise parents to keep the child off school until they feel better.
We will NEVER hand out any Covid tests to children who are not displaying Covid symptoms.
We have an in-depth risk assessment that outlines all of the safety measures that are in place at LRPS to make our school as Covid-safe as we can. To view that risk assessment, follow this link >
Thank you for your continued support!