Attendance @ LRPS

It is incredibly important that your child attends school every single day.

As a school, we expect all children to achieve at least 97% attendance over the school year - we feel that this allows for a reasonable amount of days off through illness.

We have a number of reward systems in place to ensure that children who attend well, or significantly improve their attendance are rewarded for their efforts.

We also have a number of sanctions that may be used if your child's attendance is causing us concern.

These are outlined on this page, but if you have any further questions please do come and speak to us in school.


Excellent attendance is vital in order for children to achieve their full potential. If your child attends every day, they have the opportunity to earn a number of rewards:
  • Weekly atTENdance award: Every week, all children in school who have been in school, on time every day are entered into a prize draw to win a £10 voucher to spend at any store at Intu Metro Centre or Intu Eldon Square.
  • Weekly Book Hamper Prize: Every class in school has an amazing book hamper full of brand new reading books. If your child has been in school on-time, every day they are entered into a draw within their class with one child every week choosing a brand new reading book.
  • Termly Attendance Experience: If your child has an attendance of 97% or above in a full term (Autumn, Spring, Summer) they will enjoy a special experience with all other children who have 97%+ attendance. These experiences will vary term-on-term but could include a visit to the cinema, an afternoon at the beach, etc!


We want to work with you to ensure that your child attends well. If there is an issue that may impact on your child's attendance please come and discuss it with us as we may be able to work with you to resolve the issue.
The government define any child whose attendance is less than 90% as a persistent absentee. If your child is a persistent absentee, these are the steps we will take:
1) We will offer you a Parent Contract. This is an opportunity for you to come in to school and discuss your child's attendance with the Head Teacher. At this meeting we will talk about what might be impacting on your child's attendance and how we can work together to ensure that it improves.
2) Following the offer of a Parent Contract, we will internally monitor your child's attendance. During this time, we will not authorise any absences without medical evidence (e.g. a Doctor's note or proof of medical appointments).
3) If, following internal monitoring, we are still concerned about your child's attendance we will refer the matter to the local authority who will legally monitor your child's attendance. This can result in fines and prosecution.