Arrangements for the final week for our Year 6 children

8th July 2020

8th July 2020


Dear Parents of Year 6 children,

As we approach your child’s final week with us at Lemington Riverside we would like to explain how the week will work and some of the activities we have got planned.

Monday 13th July: School is not open for Y6 children (school is open on Friday instead this week so that the children can enjoy their final day in school).

Tuesday 14th July: We will be having a BBQ in school exclusive for our Year 6 children – we will be providing the food and Chef Murphy will man the BBQ! Your child will not need a packed lunch or to pay for a school dinner on this day. Your child is welcome to bring a snack for themselves (such as a bag of sweets, crisps or pop) – but due to current guidelines children not be allowed to share snacks. The two Y6 bubbles will be located at opposite sides of the outdoor space so they do not come into contact with each other.

Wednesday 15th July: Movie Day – we will provide the popcorn and drinks!

Thursday 16th July: Socially-distanced party. Children are welcome to bring in their white school shirts to be signed by their friends on this day.

Friday 17th July:

We will be hosting a Y6 Graduation Ceremony on this day where we will say a few words about your child and present them with their very own leaver hoodie. Due to current guidelines this must take place outdoors on the lower playground. The ceremony will be repeated three times during the day and you will be given a specific time slot to attend for your child’s presentation – this is because we cannot exceed 30 people on the playground at any one time, as this would be classed a ‘mass gathering’ by the Government. You will be entitled to two seats at one of the ceremonies for your child. We have organised a pizza delivery & cakes for lunch!



9:30 till 10:00 (Group 1)

Children- Thomas Robinson, Kai Thirtle, Liam Carver, Jack Carter, Leon Lye, Frankie Walker

10:15 till 10:45 (Group 2)

Children- Logan Atkinson, Liam Walker, Ryan Johnson, Callie Walker, Lilli Potts, Mollie Wood

11:00 till 11:45 (Group 3)

Children- Ross Lee, Josh Gibson, James Park, Lexus Carter, Ellie-Mae Connor, Megan Oetting

The Year 6 children will finish school at 2:30pm (Mr. Murphy’s Bubble) and 2:45pm (Mr. Sayers’ Bubble) and will be dismissed from the usual place.


Please can we ask all parents to arrive 5 minutes (and no earlier) before the ceremony starts. Please enter via the Sugley Street gates on to the lower playground. You must remain 2 metres away from all other parents/adults/children whilst in the school playground and you will have an allocated seat which you will be directed to. After the ceremony you must leave via the same exit.

You are welcome to take photos during the ceremony, but please do not share on social media if the photo has other children other than your own child in it.

We are very much looking forward to giving your child the amazing send-off that they deserve and look forward to seeing you all next Friday.

Take care,

Mr. Heeley, Mr. Murphy and Mr. Sayers